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Collective Agreements Professionals 2015-2020

P2- English Montreal School Board EMSB
P2- Collective Agreements 2015-2020
P2- Classification Plan
P2- New Salary Structure 2019
CSQ Health Insurance Plan
- Insurance Plan at a Glance 2020
- SSQ 2019 Deduction Chart
- SSQ Travel Insurance
- Insurance Plan at a Glance 2020 AREQ
Parental Rights and the QPIP
Guide to Parental Rights and the QPIP

Did you know your organization is a member of the IRIS Advantage Program?

- IRIS Advantage Program

Health and Safety
Indoor air quality
The right of refusal
Psychological harassment
Psychological distress
Workplace violence
Declaring industrial accidents
Pregnant or Breast-Feeding Worker
Work organization

Lack of autonomy and influence at work

Job insecurity Lack of organizational justice Poor recognition of efforts and results Lack of support from co-workers or supervisors Heavy workload and time constraints Violence and  psychological harassment


EMSB - Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)   1- 800-361-2433

• Employee Assistance Program Services
Pay Equity
- The importance of the Pay Equity Act

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