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Global pandemic
Information to help you educate yourself.

Questions and answers on education and families during the COVID-19 pandemic - Educational institutions

Back-to-school plan for education – Fall 2020 (COVID-19)

COVID-19 - Reopening of all schools in Québec

COVID-19 - Procedure to follow in educational institutions

COVID-19 - Workplace Guide to Sanitary Standards

COVID-19 - Guide pour la gestion des cas en milieu scolaire (à venir)

At school, I protect myself and others!

COVID‑19: SSQ - Psychological assistance : 1 877 480-2240

COVID-19: Good to know
COVID-19 and CSQ Group Insurance Plan
- COVID-19 and mental health
- Prior authorizations for prescription medication - Update Aug 25, 2020
- Disability insurance and COVID-19
-Travel insurance and COVID-19 - Update September 22, 2020

SSQ - Online Services
The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 may cause delays in the processing of mail and cheque payments. In an effort to avoid further delay, it is far better to use online services whenever you can. Read more here

COVID-19 and CSQ Social Security

- RREGOP and Covid-19
- Employment insurance and COVID-19 - Update June 17,2020
- Parental leave and COVID-19

Useful links

Public health information telephone resources COVID-19 : 1 877 644-4545

Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Information and services Quebec
Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Public Health Agency of Canada
- Multilingual information on COVID-19 : ACCESSS

Solidarity: The participation of all is necessary to limit the contagion.